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About our pricing details 

Welcome to Salt & Light, where every corner of our venue is a canvas for your imagination. You can rent individual spaces like our studio, kitchen, office, or event area. But why limit yourself? Choose the entire building for a seamless experience. Explore our exclusive tiers tailored to elevate your event, offering unique services and experiences. Find the one that matches your vision and turns your event into an extraordinary masterpiece. At Salt & Light, we're dedicated to pushing boundaries for your exceptional events.

Pricing tiers

Tier 1:  $499

Tier one includes our rear venue space with high ceilings and Bohemian accents. This space accommodates up to 70 guests, featuring a DJ hookup and a full sound system, as well as fold-out chairs and seating.

Tier 2: $699

Tier 2 offers the entire space of our building. This includes a prep kitchen, a sound studio, a front lounge, along with the full back space offered in Tier 1.

Tier 3: $1999

Tier 3 combines Tiers 1 and 2, with the added option of our digital media expertise. Unlike most event spaces, we have our own in-house camera crew available for use at any event. This tier includes full documentation of your event, both video and photography.

Tier 4: Call or email

With Tier 4, you can customize your package based on the room, equipment, and expertise needed. Please email us or give us a call so we can work together to meet your needs and make your dream event come true.





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Tier 1              Tier 2              Tier 3       Tier 4
$499               $699             $1999        CALL

All Tiers are for 24 Hours, and include cleaning fee, and setup

Click link below to book now, and email us with the details of your event 

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Salt and Light The Venue is available for tours by appointment only. Please call or email us to schedule a time.

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